For over 50 years the name Lopez has always been distinguished in the field of Surveying for excellence, for elevating the entire industry, and for honesty with their clients.
Who we are
J. F. LOPEZ & ASSOCIATES, INC., Land Surveyors and Mappers is a small professional firm which serves the Miami-Dade, Broward  and Monroe Counties. Providing Land Surveying Services, Planning and Development Consulting with great pride. Our firm is comprised by licensed surveyors, who are closely supported by our field technicians and office administrator. Our client base includes private land owners, contractors, engineering firms, architectural firms, legal firms, real estate companies, real estate developers, title companies and local municipalities. 

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Phone: (305) 828-2725

Jose F. Lopez, P.S.M. #3086

Jose F. Lopez has over 50 years of continuous surveying experience, he is the founder of J. F. LOPEZ & ASSOCIATES, INC.,  Land Surveyors and Mappers. Jose has spent the last 40 years surveying primarily in Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe Counties. Integrity and Professionalism have given him  a strong reputation in the business community.

Professional Affiliations include:
Florida Surveying and Mapping Society